Vibration Energy Harvesting Device Based on Air-Spaced Piezoelectric Cantilevers

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WSU researchers have designed an energy harvesting device using an air-space piezoelectric cantilever instead of the piezoelectric bimorph. Current vibration energy harvesting devices typically employ piezoelectric bimorph or a bimorph with a shim in the middle. The use of the air-space cantilevers produces numerous advantages compared to conventional devices:

Competitive Advantages:
- Significant increase in voltage generated
- Increase in efficiency of converting vibration mechanical energy to electrical energy (<90%)

Commercial Applications:

This invention will be valued in a variety of applications including PDAs, cell phones, vehicle tire pressure sensor monitors, wireless sensor network as well as medical devices such as pace makers.


A prototype of this design has been built and successfully tested confirming the analytical advantages above.

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Nicole Grynaviski
Commercialization Principal
Wayne State University
Yong Xu
Zhou Wang