pWSRi Plant Silencing Vector

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A novel RNAi vector to silence post transcription a target gene in plants is available from Wayne State University. The presence of the vector in the plant is transient and therefore not passed on to subsequent generations. F1 generation plants do not contain the vector. Plants are treated by the standard biolistics method using vector coated tungsten particles. This vector should be applicable to species from 44 plant families which include Chenopodiaceae (spinach beets swiss chard) Solanaceae (tomato potato pepper tobacco petunia) Brassicaceae (mustards) Asteraceae (sunflower zinnia) Caryophyllaceae (carnation) Ranunculaceae (anemone delphinium) Fabaceae (beans) Cucubitaceae (cucumber melon) and Malvaceae (hibiscus). Advantages of this vector can be realized in hybrid seed production. It is possible to knock out the genes which produce male plants and thus generate female stock for seed production. Since significant quantities of seeds could thus be gathered from F1 generations appropriately treated seed producers will benefit from the shorter time frames smaller space needs and uniform F1 genome. The vector can also be used to reduce or block the synthesis of allergens in animal or human food plants.

File Number: 05-717

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