In-Cylinder Cycle-by-Cycle Soot Measuring Technique in Diesel Engines

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Currently there is no device or technology to allow for onboard soot measurement in diesel engine vehicles. Wayne State University researchers have developed a technique which utilizes the ion current signal produced from an ion current sensor installed in the combustion chamber of each cylinder to determine the quantity of soot present in the cylinder at the end of the combustion process.  During each cycle, the cylinder’s exhaust valve opens and its contribution in the total soot emitted in the exhaust of multi-cylinder diesel engines is measured.

Additionally, the input signal from each cylinder to the engine control unit (ECU) can be utilized to adjust the different operating parameters for each cylinder to reduce its contribution in total engine soot emissions.


Commercial Applications:

  • Diesel and direct injection engine manufacturers

  • Passenger vehicles and commercial truck companies

  • Can be incorporated into OEM engines designs or retrofitted to existing engines as an aftermarket product

Competitive Advantages:

  • On board soot measurement allowing for adjustment of engine parameters to reduce total engine soot emissions

  • Technique requires simple, inexpensive probe integrated into existing glow plug or into combustion chamber

Patent Status:

Patent pending

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Nic Wetzler
Wayne State University
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