New Vehicle Roof Interior Design Concepts for Occupant Neck Protection During Rollover Crashes

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Researchers at the Bioengineering Center at WSU have developed an interior roof design that reduces the coefficient of friction (COF) between the head and the roof or reduces the COF between the padding and its supporting structure. Rollover crashes are the most hazardous crashes to the human cervical spine. It has been reported that the neck is the third most commonly injured body region during rollovers following the head and thorax and often leads to permanent disabilities. Currently vehicle interior roofs or headliners are not designed to reduce the risk of neck injuries in rollover accidents.

Computer simulations based on this design produced results confirming that the risk of neck fracture could be reduced significantly while preserving the cushioning effect of padding designed to reduce the risk of head injuries as well.

Competitive Advantages

• Reduction in neck fracture and head injuries

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