Simultaneous Ion Sensing and Gas sampling in Combustion Engine Cylinders and Other Combustion Systems

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Through the investigation of the sources of ionization in internal combustion engines, Wayne State University researchers have developed an invention to measure both ionization and gas sampling.   Measurement of species such as NO, CO and CO2 produced in the combustion chamber throughout the engine cycle help to understand combustion behavior at different engine operating conditions.


The designed sensor simultaneously measures ionization and gas sampling which are required to develop correlations between chemical products developed during combustion and the ion current signal.  This invention is integrated with an existing in-cylinder or exhaust sampling probe.


Through this invention, the details of combustion, particularly NO, will aid in the development of improved engine control strategies to meet stringent emission standards.



Commercial Applications:


  • Any internal combustion engine, both gasoline and diesel
  • Combustion systems in gas turbines
  • Can be incorporated into OEM engine designs or retrofitted to current engines as an aftermarket product


Competitive Advantages:


  • Simultaneous sensing of ionization measurements and gas sampling ability
  • Ability to integrate with existing in-cylinder or exhaust sampling probe


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Provisional Patent Filed
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Nic Wetzler
Wayne State University
Naiem Henein
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