Using Flagellin to Prevent and to Treat Inflammation Associated Gram Negative Bacterial Infection

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The existence of multipotent stem cells within the adult brain has been debated for some time. While the identity of this cell has been unknown it is clear that stem cells reside in specialized tissue (subventricular zone and subgranular zone) and that local microenvironments regulate their differentiation and self-renewal. WSU researchers have identified capillary pericytes as possessing pluripotent stem cell capability. One set of culture conditions result in the differentiation of pericytes along a mesenchymal lineage forming bone muscle cells adipocytes chondrocytes as well as dendritic cells. In another set of culture conditions pericytes differentiate along a neuronal lineage into oligodendrocytes neurons and astrocytes. Capillary pericytes from tissues of non-CNS origin are also shown to have similar potential. This technology provides a new source of pluripotential stem cells and could be important to future research studies and therapeutic strategies. Publication reference: ?CNS microvascular pericytes exhibit multipotential stem cell activity? J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2006 May 26(5):613-24.

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