Method to Produce Immunostimulatory Proteins and Tether Them to the Membrane of Enveloped Virus Vaccines

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Wayne State University researchers have developed a method to produce immunostimulatory cytokine proteins and tether them to the membrane of enveloped virus vaccines produced in cell culture. In vivo results to date indicate that this technology improves vaccine efficacy. Cytokines as soluble proteins have proven to be effective as adjuvants for experimental viral vaccines since they boost immune responses induce T cytotoxic cells and shift Th2 to Th1 responses. However there are limitations in formulations currently used to coadminister soluble cytokines: 1.It is difficult to maintain effective cytokine concentrations in close proximity to the virus 2. The cost of producing recombinant cytokine is high and 3. The in vivo half-life of soluble cytokines is very short. To address these problems WSU researchers have developed a technology to efficiently and cost-effectively produce membrane-bound cytokines that are expressed on the surface of enveloped viruses. A PCT patent is pending

File Number: 05-740

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