Controllable Laser Fabrication of Conical Nano-Tips on Semiconductor Thin Films

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Field emitter displays (FED) represents the next phase in display technology. A team of researchers at Wayne State University has invented a new process that creates consistently sized and uniformly spaced nano-sized conical tips on semiconductor thin films that may have application in a number of areas including field emitter arrays for flat-panel displays.

The tips are up to 1 mm in height with radii on the order of several tens of nanometers. Creating conical tips on semiconductor thin films could provide the reduction in cost necessary to bring flat panel displays in line with CRTs in terms of cost and performance.

Commercial Applications

• Semiconductor thin films in applications including field emitter arrays for flat panel displays

Competitive Advantages

• Reduced manufacturing steps thereby reducing costs

Patent Status

Patent Issued - 7,402,445

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