Nanometer-Sized Drug Delivery Devices (Nanoparticles) that Demonstrate High Encapsulation Efficiency and Sustained Release of Water-Soluble Drugs and their Preparation

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WSU researchers have developed a nanoparticle formulation for the encapsulation of hydrophilic drugs with high efficiency. Encapsulation efficiency close to 100% has been achieved. Further these nanoparticles demonstrate sustained release of hydrophilic drugs over a period of weeks (~60-80% of encapsulated drug released over a period of 4 weeks). As a comparison published studies that investigate the use of other state of the art nanoparticles withwater-soluble drugs report sustained release only over a period of few hours. Additionally due to high surface area afforded by nanoparticles the efficiency of encapsulation of water-soluble drugs to date has been very poor (<50%). The WSU technology is differentiated by the observed ability to encapsulate hydrophilic drugs in nanoparticles with high efficiency and to sustain the release of hydrophilic drugs from the nanoparticles over a period of weeks to months.

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