Stool/Tissue Preservation Device

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WSU inventors have designed devices that enable small pieces of human tissue or stool to be rapidly immersed and preserved at room temperature in toxic preservatives without exposing the end user to the toxicants. Samples contained in the device can be safely stored or used for biochemical, molecular, and structural analysis. The device design makes them very easy and safe to operate. They can be used at home, hospital, or out in the field for forensic sample collection without the need for refrigeration. Furthermore, the provider/manufacture of the device has the flexibility of using any preservative of choice thereby greatly expanding the types of tissue to be preserved and the tests that can be performed. Several working prototypes of the device have been built in the inventor’s laboratory and we are seeking industrial partners to further refine the designs into marketable devices.

Commercial Applications

·         Use in clinical and hospital settings

·         Collection of tissue or stool samples at remote locations

·         For collection and preservation of tissues during surgery by nurse or physicians

·         Ease of use allows for self-collection and preservation of stool samples by non-scientists

Competitive Advantages

·         Current collection/preservation devices that immerse samples without exposure to toxic preservatives are designed for liquid and do not allow for solid samples to be stored without removing the seal, thereby exposing the user to the preservative and defeating the design. 

·         Our novel devices are designed to accommodate larger volumes and totally immerse samples in the preservative fluid. 

Patent Status

A provisional patent application and PCT is on file.

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