Omni-Directional Angular Acceleration Reduction Helmet

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Wayne State researchers have designed a new device to reduce the head angular acceleration of the helmet wearer during blunt impact. This technology introduces a helmet shell design which rotates with respect to head by the insertion of a thin layer of elastically or plastically yielding material between the outer and inner shells, depending on the type of helmet.


Current helmet technology utilizes a double shell technology with the outer shell rotating in respect to the inner shell. Due to the restriction of rotation about only one axis and the lack of control of stopping the outer shell of the helmet this is not optimum. The WSU design will allow relative rotation to occur regardless of the direction of impact or the location of the impact. In addition, the tightness of fit between the head and the helmet will be controlled.


Commercial Applications

       •          Any kind of helmet, including helmets used by American football players, motorcycle and scooter riders, bicycle riders and horseback riders


Competitive Advantages


      •        Reduces angular acceleration of the head during blunt impact

      •         Reduces the risk of brain injury to the wearer


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Patent Pending

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