Designer Aminoglycosides

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Wayne State University researchers have synthesized a series of novel aminoglycoside antibiotics that have shown enhanced antibacterial activity, low susceptibility to existing resistance mechanisms and low toxicity when compared to currently marketed aminoglycosides. Aminoglycoside antibiotics have been used against a wide variety of bacterial infections caused by Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. The activity of the aminoglycosides is due to binding to bacterial RNA. Currently marketed aminoglycoside antibiotics are indicated for treatment of serious bacterial infections, but are limited in use due to concerns of serious adverse reactions in the inner ear and kidney. The WSU compounds have shown impressive effectiveness and low likelihood of toxicity in research to date.

Commercial Applications

·         Development of antibiotics useful in the treatment of bacterial infections

Technological Advantage

·         These antibiotics are designed on the structure of a related compound bound to the target RNA site and show excellent biological activity.

Patent Status

U.S. Patent 10/415,732

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