An In Vitro Model System for Studying Development of Human Preneoplastic Breast Disease

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Wayne State University researchers have developed a novel model/assay system that recapitulates in vitro the in vivo processes that lead to breast cancer development and progression from preneoplastic tissue. This model is the first that demonstrates in vitro the de novo development and neoplastic conversion of functional alveolar units. Advantages of this model include the fact that it requires only about 7 days for alveolar morphogenesis to occur compared to 8-10 weeks in vivo. This permits the use of this system for relatively high throughput drug screening. In this model preneoplastic human breast epithelial cells interact with two major stromal components endothelial cells and fibroblasts on a reconstituted basement membrane and undergo alveolar morphogenesis a critical step in breast tissue morphogenesis. The inventors have shown for the first time using this model the biological requirements and/or contribution from epithelial cells and stromal components for formation of functional ductal lobular units and processes that allow neoplastic conversion.
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