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Modified Ectodomain of Human EGFR as a Potential Anticancer Agent
Development of a protein that attenuates EGFR and/or EGFR family members and is comprised of a modified EGFR ectodomain. The protein inhibits signaling via the EGFR and/or EGFR family members. The protein includes a portion of the EGFR (or EGFR family member) and the "U" region epitope of EGFR related protein (ERRP), wherein the portion of the EGFR...
Published: 2/6/2014   |   Inventor(s): Adhip Majumdar, Arun Rishi, Yingjie Yu
Keywords(s): Breast Cancer, Cancer, Cancer Therapies, Disease, Drug Target, Protein, Therapeutics
Category(s): Life Science, Biologicals, Diseases, Oncology
Antibodies to a Novel Cell Cycle and Apoptosis Regulatory Protein (CARP) -1
Retinoic acid and its synthetic derivatives participate in many biological processes including development cellular proliferation and differentiation. Retinoids mediate their actions by binding to the nuclear retinoic acid receptors and retinoid X receptors. Wayne State University researchers found that retinoid induced cell cycle arrest and apoptosis...
Published: 2/6/2014   |   Inventor(s): Arun Rishi, Joseph Fontana
Category(s): Bioengineering